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Jul 31, 2011 6:30pm EDT
eclipse a big record in the month of july and parts of the region could see i'm sorry to say, 100 degrees again. steve rudin is here with a first look at the forecast. hi steve. >> let me tell you what today's temperature of 99 degrees at reagan national airport, this will be the hottest july on record. it is 98 this hour at the airport. no heat advisories this time around and that's because we have dew point levels that are only in the 40's to lower to middle 50's. that makes a huge difference in terms of heat index. it feels like 94 at the airport, 101 degrees down in fredricksberg. you don't have to head very far to find yourself in the more humid moist unsettled air. we have another hot day coming up tomorrow where we could be looking at once again triple-digit readings to start off the month of august. today marks day number 14 at 90 degrees or better and a lot of folks are asking when will it end? my full forecast is coming up in just a few few minutes with a little bit of relief. back to you. >> we like that, steve thanks so much. our abc 7 weather team is tracking your for
Jul 17, 2011 6:30pm EDT
center with a preview. >> enjoy this weekend because we have big changes on the way. there is not of real -- a lot of relief behind the cold front. at reagan national airport. the heat index is not that bad. on thursday and friday and saturday, the heat index may be around 105 if not warmer. and a comfortable my head. high temperatures above the lower and middle 90s. a dangerous heat wave is on the way. and the tropics are beginning to flare up. a turning to the world cup, loss today for the u.s. women's team. japan was the winner in a penalty shootout. it was a dramatic turn with the states leading for much of the game. i cannot imagine that the is very good. >> this was such a huge moment when they made the kick here, just deflated. they had so much confidence that usa would be the winner of the world cup. e werethe beginning w then this is what got us. >> one thing that people came -- away from, and one northern virginia knows this very well. >> screams of excitement. over. u.s.a. watched japan play the u.s. women's team. this is about national pride, r others this is a sign of pr
Jul 24, 2011 6:30pm EDT
. he told gop members the does not believe that president obama will ever embrace a big package that does not include tax -- does not include tax increases. this is not over yet. >> the clock is ticking. >>> paramedics rushed to the tomb of the unknowns soldier at arlington cemetery with reports of multiple people complaining of heat related illnesses. two people were treated at the scene and a third person was taken to the hospital. >>> we did get a little break today from the heat wave, it is still very warm out there. for more on what we can expect, let's go over to the weather center. >> a bit of good news. add a bit of a cool down on the way as the start the week. by the end of the week, the heat and humidity will be making a comeback. look at the temperatures. 90 in gaithersburg, 92 out dulles. reagan national airport deals like 103 degrees. we still have the heat advisory until 8:00 tonight. off to the west of us, the heat advisory is down. now we are looking at scattered showers and thunderstorms popping up. showers and storms will remain in the forecast for tomorrow. what ca
Jul 3, 2011 6:30pm EDT
stories, log on to these websites. rehearsals were held for the capital concert. several big names are the stars sweated through the dress rehearsal. the host about what keeps them coming back. iseven jimmy smits anticipating the fireworks. finishing touches on rehearsal, he said that the the nation'ss in is unlike anything else. >> this is about what the forward fathers put they first read that document. when we see the young people reed and from walter that they made sacrifices words. those it puts this in perspective. smith has headlining a with guestsmerica martin and others. it brought this family up from miami. to be at the capitol, he told have to be insane not do that. this is the reason for it. they came from across the for the holiday weekend. have heard a lot of good stuff from it. my family has been here. >> this is a great cultural thing. this is overwhelming. is a little living history. see the fireworks. >> those fireworks will be the sky right after the concert. are heading downtown take in the festivities, the metro is running extra trains. people are encoura
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4